Tor Lund-Larsen og Werner Haas

Publisert: 12.02.2018

Foredraget "Security Meltdown" holdes i spor "Digitale trusler og hendelseshåndtering" onsdag 21. mars

Werner Haas 

Mr. Haas is a Co-founder and the CTO at Cyberus Technology. During almost 20 years in the industry, Mr. Haas performed research at Bell Labs and Intel's Germany Microprocessor Lab where he has focused on processor architecture, in particular with respect to its memory subsystem. Mr. Haas has a diploma degree in electrical engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. He is part of the Cyberus team which discovered "Meltdown" and who worked under embargo with Google and TU Graz to explore and document the finding and ensure proper disclosure to Intel.


Tor Lund-Larsen 

Mr. Lund-Larsen is a Co-Founder and the Managing Director of Cyberus Technology.  He has over 20 years of experience working for cyber-security company FireEye and CPU design-giant Intel, where he last held the title of Director of Research. Lund-Larsen has Master degrees in Engineering, Business and Public Administration from USA and Germany. He also teaches courses in leadership and the role of leaders at the University of Applied Science in Munster, Germany and is the holder of a handful of patents.

Werner and Tor have worked closely together since 2005.


Cyberus Technology 

Cyberus Technology is a German software company which delivers low-level hardware-near cyber security mechanisms.  The core technology is "SuperNOVA" - a secure microhypervisor with advanced virtual machine introspection capabilities. 

Cyberus delivers "Tycho" - a sophisticated live binary malware analysis tool based on the SuperNOVA technology. Tycho provides analysts, for instance at CERT teams, with unparalleled stealth, isolation, and analysis automation capabilities speeding up the process of dissecting malicious software.  Tycho offers seamless integration with standard analysis tools and debuggers such as IDA Pro, Volatility, GDB or Python scripting.

Cyberus delivers the "Cyberus Secure Platform" derived from the same SuperNOVA core technology. The Cyberus Secure Platform enables defense-in-depth of industrial compute systems and IT infrastructure by protecting key data structures in all standard operating systems running such critical infrastructure.



The talk under the general heading of "Security Meltdown" aims to explain in understandable language how Meltdown and Spectre work and illustrate the CPU architecture features that make such attack vectors possible. The talk will also discuss how Cyberus Technology went about finding and handling the flaw and provide some context as to what the future holds for computer users in the presence of this kind of side-channel attacks, and what the high-tech industry might do about it.


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