Jennifer Arcuri

Publisert: 23.01.2018

Jennifer Arcuri holder foredraget "Cyber Security means Business: Why hacking is essential in the information age" i sporet "Hendelseshåndtering" onsdag 21. mars

Jennifer er CEO & Founder of Hacker House.

Hacker House is a team of computer hackers who strive for innovation within the information security industry. We champion cyber skills and training to encourage security as an every day utility to our digitally connected world.

Jennifer is an advisor to Hackers and Founders in Silicon Valley, alongside Founders for Schools across the UK. In June 2015, she also launched the Cyber Security group, Cyber TLA, as part of Tech London Advocates Group, and is a certified ethical hacker herself.

Also founder of PinkSheet Database, the official database of professional women. The list features women who consider themselves an expert in their chosen field. By establishing this unique network of women, Pinksheet serves to optimize women's voices for speaking events and media. She hosts monthly dinners with the women of tech London and is an advocate for women all around the world to develop technology skills. 

Cyber Security means Business: Why hacking is essential in the information age

Today's businesses depend on cyber security now more then ever: its critical to the centre of their operation. In light of the cost of cyber attacks , most company simply can not afford to get hacked. One bad "hack" and the company could fail. Hacker House co founder Jennifer Arcuri will demo some of the most basic of attacks that are able to cripple any company, showcasing how some of the worlds global brands made a few critical errors that cost their company millions. Jennifer will also present on how companies can better enable their security through a few easy steps, minimising their chances of being attacked.