Dr. Eric Lang

Publisert: 02.01.2018 | Sist endret: 05.02.2018

Foredraget "Insider Threat: Types, Trends and Lessons Learned From Applied Social Science" presenteres i fellesdelen tirsdag 20. mars, og foredraget "Organizational Policies and Practices to Neutralize the Enterprise Threat of Risky Insiders: A 'NET' Approach" presenteres i sporet "individet og sikkerhet" tirsdag 20. mars

Dr. Eric Lang is the Director of the United States Defense Personnel and Security Research Center, PERSEREC -- a Division of the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of People Analytics (OPA).

Dr. Lang has 30 years of experience designing and managing social science research to improve national policies and programs. He received his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Michigan where he focused on experimental and survey research at the Institute for Social Research, followed by several years at the American Institutes for Research working on national projects related to education, research methods and health.
Prior to joining PERSEREC, Dr. Lang was a Principal Research Scientist and Division Director at Sociometrics Corporation where he directed research on federal grants related to the development and analysis of national data archives, social science applications for the Internet, and research methodology.

Dr. Lang has worked at PERSEREC since 2000, designing and directing applied research to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of personnel security, insider threat and suitability policies and systems (e.g., security clearance programs) for DoD and other Federal agencies. He has provided research consultation and science-based solutions to many U.S. organizations and allied countries, most recently in areas related to managing insider threat and detecting mental health issues associated with personnel security and workplace risk.

Description of keynote presentation:

Trusted employees and partners ("insiders") are an organizations greatest asset. In rare and devastating cases, insiders intentionally or unwittingly can also become their organization's greatest risk.

This presentation will describe the variety of insider risks that affect all organizations (Federal and local governments, businesses of all sizes, academic institutions and others), the benefits and challenges of using applied social science to understand, predict and mitigate insider risk, and generalizable lessons learned from decades of applied research conducted at the U.S. Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC). 

Description of afternoon presentation (spor: individet og sikkerhet):

Dr. Lang will discuss research based organizational policy recommendations and insider threat program practices that managers can implement and integrate to help Neutralize Enterprise Threat from risky insiders.
Dr. Lang will also leave time for answering any audience questions that were not addressed in his morning keynote presentation.


Supplementary website to visit: http://www.dhra.mil/PERSEREC/