Piotr Kijewski | Shadowserver Foundation

Publisert: 07.05.2019

Title talk: Large-scale Internet Garbage Management At Shadowserver

About the talk

The Shadowserver Foundation has been collecting network threat information on a big-data scale for many years with a mission to make the Internet a more secure environment for all. The collected data is sent to over 100 National CERTs and 4200+ network owners worldwide via the Shadowserver free daily remediation feeds and used to support various law enforcement investigations. Data collection and management on such a scale is a big challenge - the talk will give an overview of how Shadowserver operates, what data it collects, how the information is being shared and how Shadowserver has supported various botnet takedowns.

About Piotr Kijewski

Piotr is a member of The Shadowserver Foundation, a non-profit with a mission of making the Internet a more secure environment. He has a strong CSIRT background, previously working in incident response at a national level for 14 years in the CERT Polska (CERT.PL) team. He managed the team for nearly 7 years up till 2016, building up its various security data gathering and analysis projects as well as managing its anti-malware operations, including numerous botnet disruptions. Piotr is also a member of the Honeynet Project (where he has also served on the Board of Directors), a well-known and respected non-profit that is committed to the development of honeypot technologies and threat analysis.