Armin Buescher | Symantec

Publisert: 25.04.2019

Title talk: Go(ing) after Go Malware

Go(ing) after Go Malware

The relatively new programming language Go (or Golang) is becoming increasingly popular with malware authors. Our talk will include the results of our research into different aspects of this trend: How is Go malware different? Why would a malware author choose Go? What should a defender/analyst know about Go malware? Which threat actors have been using Go malware? What is our forecast regarding the use of Go in malware development?

About Armin Buescher

Armin Buescher is a security researcher & software engineer focused on the analysis of attack trends and development of novel detection technologies. He has over 10 years of experience working in the security industry for companies ranging from anti-virus and malware sandboxes to network security and web gateways.