Contact the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)  and NorCERT

Publisert: 10.07.2017

a part of the Norwegian Security Authority (NSM)

Duty phone 24/7

02497 (+47 23 31 07 50)


Regarding incidents:
Other inquiries:

Visiting address

Langkaia 1 (seaside entrance)
0150 Oslo

ID is mandatory when visiting NCSC

Postal address

PO Box 814
N-1306 Sandvika

PGP key

Through this link you can download our PGP key. It enables you to send
secured e-mail to NCSC.

PGP Fingerprint: 216C 1DA6 FB74 91C7 1268 FCD0 3FEB 3674 8258 8811

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) 

Norway's NCSC uses TLP when sharing sensitive information. The TLP or traffic light protocol is a standard to control sharing of sensitive data between organisations. The goal of the protocol is to ensure that sensitive information is only shared with the correct entities.

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