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Welcome to the Norwegian National Security Authority

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway. We administer the Act of 20 March 1998 relating to Protective Security Services.

The purpose of protective security is to counter threats to the independence and security of the realm and other vital national security interests, primarily espionage, sabotage or acts of terrorism. Protective security measures shall not be more intrusive than strictly necessary, and shall serve to promote a robust and safe society.



Annual Report 2011 - ICT risk scenario, A strategic challenge

(16.10.2012) The most serious and advanced threats to Norway come from other countries who want to use ICT for intelligence purposes. The greatest threat in the future will be theft of commercial data and intellectual property.

Annual Report 2011 - Report on the state of Norway's security systems - A vulnerable society

(16.10.2012) Norway's security systems are still weak. Our understanding of risks linked to espionage, sabotage and terrorism is still inadequate. The biggest threat in the future is theft of commercial data and intellectual property. And the most serious threat to security comes from other countries. Important measures such as risk assessment, competence building and reporting have not been implemented.

Annual Report 2011 - Baseline security

(15.10.2012) "Baseline security is about having common standards, common solutions, and shared confidence in our security systems. This makes it possible for different sectors to work together," says Kjetil Nilsen, Director General of the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM).